March 06, 2004

State of the World 

May I have your attention please?

The world, in this very moment, is at war.

The active fighting started more than two years ago, on the morning of the day that will be remembered (and righteously so) as 11 September.
But the war was declared many years ago, probably when the Islamic forces of Khomeini attacked US emebassy in Teheran and captured its staff.

One of the two parties at war is Liberal Democracy, as it's born from Humanism and Enlightment. Its values are secular and materialistic, and Freedom is the first of all them. Freedom of thought and expression, freedom of behaviour, freedom of faith, love and sexuality, freedom of enterprise. Egugliance of opportunities is the second.

The other one is Radical Islam. Like other authoritarian ideologies (most notably, Temporal Christianity, Nazism and Communism) it wants to control all aspects of people's behaviour and life, and ultimately thought, out of a ethical system that is in turn said to be coming from God (Allah, at the moment) or from Karl Marx. Its values are the severe limitation (if not absence) of freedom of any kind and the blind obedience to the doctrine. Moreover, all failures are abscribed to not being faithful enough.

Three out of four of these ideologies have crashed in flames during the centuries, mostly because they were unable to evolve - and because they reached a confrontation with Liberal Democracy (the birth of the first forms of Libral Democracy in fact gave the last blow to Temporal Christianity)
And now, the biggest and greatest liberal democracy (although imperfect, I know well) is the USA, and she also has an economic, industrial an military power beyond belief.

Radical Islam is also condemned to failure, because it wants to take the world back of about 600 years and stick it in that state. This is no more possible - unless they kill the majority of us, Liberal Democracy followers, and enslave the survivors. And in fact, it's what they want to do.

This is the "root cause" of the war: Radical Islam wants to rule all the world - and the same time they fear Liberal Democracy because it's undermining its own basis.

The future, sadly, looks grim: there is no place for neutrality, because not fighting actively Radical Islam will enable it to spawn. China and other countries who now try to hide behind the thin veil of neutrality soon will have to take sides.

No one is safe, because for Radical Islam everyone not muslim enough is an infidel.

Compromise will not work, because they want to completely destroy infidels.

Probably there will be more terrorist attacks, with possible use of weapons of mass distruction.
In that case, the retaliation will be nuclear - from the USA, but probably also from other nuclear powers.

There can be no appeasament, no playing nice, because survival is at stake. And I will fight, with words and deeds, to save myself and my culture, EVEN if this means the death of others.

But we must not lose hearth. Our mind must stay focused on the objective of saving what has showed itself as the most successfull and fulfilling form of civilization - and it's capable to evolve even further.
We must stand fast, even amid pain and destruction, to defend freedom and reason.

Because reason is the best feature of humankind, and freedom the highest achievement.


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