May 28, 2004

Moral Equivalence on BBC 

Last night I turned on my TV, and on BBC 2 I saw a disgusting piece of moral equivalence presented as a documentary.

They fucking lumped together the Colombian FARC and Colombian anti-terror police; another Marxist terrorist militia in the Philippines and the new Afghan National Army; a Sudanese Islamic militia and the regular US Army in Iraq.

Yes, all together, like they were all good or bad the same, without the faintest attempt at telling the different scopes and motivations of the various groups. Yes, they let people speak on their own, but without recapping, without a comment. A professional, well trained and disciplined US soldier and a recruit, barely capable of hitting her target but filled with ideology in a Philipino marxist militia? All the same.

Disgusting, really. I could not stand it for long. This coward, decadent moral relativism is the attitude that will bring self-destruction to our society.

UPDATE: Here's the link to that disgraced programme, One Day of War

A new series of This World begins with a unique television event, as BBC filmmakers follow 16 very different people on a single day to reveal the human stories behind the conflicts. Some of these battles are over disputed homelands, some are about deepest convictions, power or sheer survival.

No, no moral equivalence here, eh? Fuck.


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