June 06, 2004


60 years ago, the Allied troops landed on Normandy beaches: that was the beginning of the Western Front campaign, which liberated France and Central Europe from Nazi's domination.
Thousands of men died and killed in Normandy that day.
I won't use many words, because soldiers do not like long and pompous speeches.

Courage, Honour, Loyalty, Sacrifice, Duty, Discipline.


But let's not forget other people: the countless, nameless, multitude who died on the Eastern Front. Sent to the slaughter by Stalin, a leader no better than Hitler, they bore the greatest part of the weight of the war.
The Japanese and Hawaiian-American soldiers, who cast in stone their loyalty to the US by figthing in Europe.
The Jew Brigade of the british Army: they fought in Italy against their arch-enemies the Nazis.



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