June 17, 2004

Sparse thoughts 

I spent some days in Italy last week, because I wanted to vote for the elections and have a holiday, after working like mad to meet a report's submission deadline.

Regarding my local council, the minority list won: I hope the new mayor will do a better job than the former one - that is, doing just a little bit for my village, which has been almost neglected for years: we are in the valley, near the highway, a motorway and the railway. The concil's see, on the other hand, is up in the mountains, only served scarcely served by the highway. But no serious development project has ever been undertaken for us.

For the province (one day I should write about the curious and redundant Italy's administrative divisions), the previous coalition has been confirmed: in my opinion, they did a good job during the last years.

Overall, the actual centre-right government party lost some points to centre-left coalitions.
But the glamorous result, especially from the european elections, is the fall of popularity for Berlusconi himself. Yes, many people finally saw through his empty promises, when not outright lies, and voted elsewhere. Thus other parties, either to the right or to the centre of Forza Italia, Berlusconi's party, gained votes, and they are already asking for a different power distribution in the government coalition: interesting times ahead.

After months living in London, one of the coldest (in the human sense) places on Earth, going back to my village where people are friendly and everything is familiar, is always a relief. And hanging around with friends from a lifetime is always good.


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