July 28, 2004

New entries 

A new blog in my roll: Cold Fury. I don't know why I discoverd it so late, but this Mike is a cool guy. Just read this one, ICC and the Dark Lord:

Frodo Lives!

From The Guardian (ahem):
Frodo Baggins Charged With War Crimes

Frodo Baggins of Bagshot Row, Hobbiton, The Shire, Middle Earth, has been called before the International Criminal Court to answer charges of war crimes brought by Sauron the Dark Lord and Saruman the White in a joint filing. [...]
“Mr.Baggins is guilty of some of the most egregious violations of International Law as expressed in the Court’s founding documents and must be brought to answer for his inhumane actions,” Sauron said from the cardboard box behind the Emyn Muil 7-11 he’s been living in since the scandalous and irresponsible destruction of Sauron’s Ruling Ring brought about the downfall of his Empire several years ago. “He’s obviously guilty of violating several provisions of Article 8, Section 2, especially the ‘outrage against personal dignity’ clause and the ‘excessive incidental death, injury or damage’ clause. When the armies of the Western Alliance marched up to the Black Gate, they were guilty of making illegal aggressive war against a sovereign nation. Our legal team plans to bring separate suits against Aragorn son of Arathorn, the Elfstone King Elessar of Gondor. Also King Eomer of the Riddermark and Elrond Halfelven of Rivendell. But we chose to pursue the suit against Baggins first, since his was the most damaging and egregious crime.”

It's a blog of rock, cars, bikes, chicks (sometimes), booze and pot. Wow!

On a more serious note check out Tech Central Station for good articles about science, technology, business, market and more. Not a single bit of idiotarianism in there.

I'm still looking for how to insert pics in my posts. I know, it's not difficult, but I need to find the motivation...


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