July 22, 2004

Nothing happened 

A few days ago I posted an article regarding a terrorism alert issued by Internet Haganah.

Well, nothing happened in the meantime. Is it over? Who knows.
Was it unjustified alarmism? I don't think so. Intelligence is a realm of muddy waters. You can have many false positives, and when nothing happens people will say you cry wolf.
But when, eventually, terrorists strike, the same people will say you underestimated the threat, or did not take it seriously. Maybe, they will even propose conspiracy theories about how you let the attack happen in order to declare war and seize someone else's natural assets etc.

We can be vigilant and alert, but that's not enough to be completely safe. The only way is to take the initiative, and bring the war onto our enemies - not waiting for them to bring war onto us. Terrorism must be eradicated (well, some splinter group will always remain to cause trouble), not contained.


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