July 15, 2004

Reptilian referrals 

Someone visited my weblog googling for "The Baghdad Reptilians" - Google picked my frequent mentions of Baghdad and the "reptilians" word that I used in the post about toxic natural substances. Interestingly, also this LGF entry, is in the results... because LGF is a nest of dangerous lizards!
The person in question was connected from Johnson & Johnson network, Raritan, NJ (New Jersey). However, there is nothing bad in that.
The weird thing is the other sites in the Google search results: the cremé of the conspiracy wacko nutjobs, bordering - and sometimes crossing the border - with paranoia and/or schizophrenia. Aliens, shadow government, mind control, world domination, crop circles... you name it, you can find it!

My fav was this: Aliens and UFO Art
Or, "How you can see anything you want in a picture, if you enalrge and filter it in a excessive and absolutely arbitrary fashion".

WHOIS for this piece of pure paranoia:

Wiolawa Press
333 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, AZ 85012


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