July 16, 2004

This time it's personal 

Italy seems to be in the crosshair of islamic terrorists.

The first threats came on the 7th
of July
, from an Islamist forum. The linked article is in
Italian, but it's the usual stuff: accusations of imperialism,
collusion with the "great satan" the US etc.

Then, on July 15th, it came the alert from Internet Haganah , a website specialized in
"Confronting the global Jihad": Attack
Imminent. Target Italy?

Finally, another threat, again via Internet, right today:

Get rid of the incompetent Berlusconi, or we'll bomb and burn Italy. It will be a bloodbath like 9/11 [...] We are in Italy, nobody should feel safe. You rejected Sheikh Osama Bin Laden's offer, and thus we'll attack. With our blood, at that of thousands of Italians, we'll write a new page of your history. [...] We can strike our targets at will, with unconventional weapons.(Translation mine, from the Italian version of exercept of the original text).

The media can blabber as much as they like about the unreliability of these claims, but an intensification of enemy communications is a sign of something breeding. And Aaron is an expert in the field, so if he thinks there's a risk, I am afraid he can be right. (However, these facts are by no means secure proof of an imminent attack.)

But in the end, I don't give a fuck. As President Bush said, "You are either with us or with the terrorists". I'm afraid that now it's time to choose our side, unambiguosly. And stick to it, to the end.

I do not like Berlusconi. He is indeed incompetent on many important issues of domestic policy. He is under trial for corruption and related felonies. He is in the middle of a serious conflict of interests, being also a media tycoon and the president of A.C. Milan, one of the main italian football (soccer) teams. Worst of all, Berlusconi has marked autocratic and elitist tendencies.
But he was elected legitimately by the italian people in legal and regular elections.
Italians exercised their sovranity, and now buckling under the Islamist threat would mean renouncing to our sovranity, to appease the terrorists. Such an eventuality is horrible, the total capitulation of a western democracy in front ot the radical-islamic barbarism.
For myself, I have chosen my side: the side of Libaral democracy. I would vote Berlusconi, if there were an election next weekend, because it's very bad idea, to give the terrorists and extremists an idea they can control our country.

Give 'em hell instead. Let our intelligence services find the targets, and our troops kill them.

Sorry if the style is poor, but I wrote in haste... before I really fall asleep on the keyboard.

Update 18/07: This time it's personal because it involves Italy... hell, even my loved ones may be involved in a terrorist attack. But it's not that I have taken my side when the terror menaced to land in my backyard. I decided long ago. Now I hope that also my blinded fellow italians can open their eyes and see what the enemy is, and the danger it poses. Will it be?


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