August 23, 2004

Back in the line 

Hello my ten readers (there is a citation hidden in here), I'm finally back in London. And the only thing I really like is the fast internet connections. I had too much good time, good company, fine weather and delicious food in Italy to appreciate suddenly the positive aspects of London.

My return trip, in fact, began with one hour and something of delay, and things went downhill: the plane had to circle for a while waiting for a landing slot, but approaching Heathrow from the west I noticed many small lakes close to the airport, and even someone doing water ski! Then we had to taxi around the whole airport, apparently, and after that mishaps just piled up. Net result, I got home about SIX hours later I walked through the security control at Linate.

And this morning at work, no good news. Only the same old slackness and mess-ups.

However, enough of personal rants, and let's move on.


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