August 30, 2004

Blogging Stress 

No, I'm not stressed of this hobby - maybe because I proceed at my own pace, and I don't feel any pressure to do differently.

However, there is distress in some zones of the Blogosphere: Steven DenBeste laments the excess of pedantic feedback from his readers, and we might even lose his contribution. That would be too bad, I add.
Iraqi Bloggers Central voted to discontinue activity in protest of the amnesty given to Muqtada Al-Sadr.
Many of my favourite blogs devote great time and effort to the Bush vs Kerry presidential campaign. It's quite interesting, especially considering its potential impact on the War against Radical Islam, but it tends to annoy a bit, when I read about what Kerry did or did not for the nth time.

I think I won't activate comments on my weblog: I don't want to waste loads of time managing comments, keeping at bay stupid and abusive people who can't do anything better than calling names and stuff. How can I say it will be like that? Well, almost any so-called warblog has its fair share of these specimen, so I'm sure I would get mine. But I don't want that; send me e-mails if you really have something useful to say.


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