August 25, 2004


It's recent news that two passenger planes crashed almost simultaneously in Russia last night. One of the hypotheses is that the planes have been downed by terrorist activities - either bombing, or hijacking, or both, especially considering that people on the ground in the Tula region witnessed the mid-air explosion of the Tu-134 , and one plane (it is unclear which one) sent an emergency - probably hijacking - signal shortly before the loss of radar contact.

Speculation quickly started, like on this thread at LGF. I haven't checked, but rumors are that places like Indymedia went into the wildest conspirational speculations - as they usually do.

There's nothing wrong in speculating and imagining different, even improbable scenarios.
It's a good exercise for the mind, and a lack of imagination can have catastrophic consequences.
But even speculation must never forget the hard facts. One might speculate that those planes were downed using a Zionist Death Ray, but no one has ever seen it for real.

So, what to do about this sad Russian story? Let's just wait for more information and facts to become available, and then express an informed opinion. Saying that certainly was terrorism (or that certainly it was not terrorism) now is premature.


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