August 04, 2004

Terror in da hood 

Yesterday afternoon London was struck by severe thunderstorms, which left the traffic in a chaos, and some buildings flooded. I let you imagine how was to be in a bus with closed windows, heavy rain and hail outside and stale, sweat-smelling hot air inside...

When the rain ceased, I decided to escape the bust torture and walk the last two kilometers or so to the sports centre in Kensal Green - I did not want to miss my karate class. On the way, I noticed that a shop called Ummah Cola International (Ummah is the islamic nation, the community of Muslims of any nationality) was cordoned off and four police officers were standing in front of it. Small companies run by Muslims have been found associated with terrorists time and again, so it's not the kind of shops I trust more.

During the karate class, I could hear sirens from outside, but I was too concentrated on my practice, and I also thought they were because of the bad weather.

But when I got out the sports centre, I found police closing an area of a few blocks in the surroundings of the sports centre, barely 500 m from my place. Cars could not access the area, and even pedestrians were somewhat restricted. I understood something big was going on, but no one could tell me what - and I was exhausted, in need of dinner and shower.

Then this morning, look what I found in the news!

Armed police carried out a series of raids across Britain to foil a suspected al Qaeda plot to target London. Thirteeen people were arrested in homes in the capital, Luton, Bedford, Bushey and Blackburn.
The operation followed intelligence from MI5 and is believed to be linked to the arrest of an al Qaeda computer specialist in Pakistan. [...]
One witness described 70 officers sealing off streets around an address in Kensal Green. Officers in forensic suits searched a shop in Harrow Road
The Ummah Cola - ed..

Here is the Map of the area: the arrow indicates the approximate location of the Ummah Cola shop; Chamberlayne Road and Kilburn Lane were closed and the junction with Banister Road.

Good, the police nabbed some bastards! Notice how, in the article, there is not a single mention of Islam - not to hurt someone's feelings probably. And the involved people are generically called "asians". For me, asians are far easterners (Chinese), but apparently calling pakistanis Pakistanis is politically incorrect*. Damn political correctness, it is a considerable obstacle in the cultural war of the Free World agains Islamism.

* I cannot be sure all of them were pakistanis, but here "asians" is often used by PC-conscious people to indicate pakistanis, and the intelligence material leading to this operation was seized in Pakistan...

Correction 10/08: The name of the company closed and serached by police is Ummah Cola WORLD WIDE, not International as previously stated.


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