September 11, 2004

The Dividing Day 

Today is the 11 September 2004. Three years ago, we witnessed the boldest and most destructive terrorist attack up to date. I think that, of the 6 billions of people in the world, at least 3 have seen, time and again the films and photos of that atrocity.

And it opened a rift. Something changed: the day before, the islamic terrorists loomed in the distance, but they did not seem really dangerous. Almost like a fairytale bogeyman, they were known to be violent and vicious, but no one thought they were really coming to get us.
Although they had already done thousands of victimis and caused great distruction around the world.

But they come, knowingly live on the TV of all of the world.

For people who can and want to understand, the world changed. On the grey dawn on 12 September, it was clear that the islamists presented a clear and immediate danger, and we had to fight back.

Some other people, instead, wanted to go back to the day before. They believe that it's just an issue of law enforcement, that the "tiny minority of extremists" can be stopped just with some policing actions, with half-assed responses, without hurting "sensibilities" and being "multilateral" (even if today, on BBC, a terrorism expert of the St. Andrews university, Scotland, said that the actual Coalition of the Willing is the largest coalition in history...).

So 9/11 marked the atrocious "coming out" of the islamic terror, and opened a divide. A divide between who understand that it was the opening act of a war against the West and our way of life. And now, like it or not, we have to fight if we want to preserve our beloved freedom.

The other side thinks that we don't really need to fight, and even that fighting is inherently bad, not matter the reason why. Or that the West does not deserve to be saved.

I know my side... what's yours?


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