October 09, 2004

Double Standards 

There are two standards in the world.

One is used in Europe, Japan and large parts of Asia. It is modern, straightforward.

The other one resists in the States and a few other places. It's old and clumsy.

I'm talking about the metric and imperial measure systems.

What the hell is a 5/64" socket screw? And a 1/8" tube with 0.040 in. wall thickness?

Isn't much simpler to have a 2.5 mm socket screw, and a 3 mm tube, 0.5 mm wall thickness?

And the folly of a flow in cu.ft/min for a pressure differential in psi?

And I had this component, a US-made pressure transducer, which is a good one. But it's 41 mm OD (1 9/16" in. ?), and the best support clip I could find is 40 mm ID: mating the two parts was not the most pleasant job.

I hope John Kerry will finally change this, and bring back the USA in the community of metric nations!

Do you think I'm kidding or not?


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