October 20, 2004

Feeling Miserable 

No, not from a broken heart. I've got that, but I'm getting on pretty well.

I feel miserable because of a bald cold and cough, topped with what seems to be sinusitis and all the lot. I can't breath well, I can barely think well. Yesterday during my karate class I was on the verge of passing out. And at times I start sweating horribly for no apparent reason.

However, I found something to cheer with: Fellowship 9/11.
It's a short (about 15 min) indipendent movie, showing the War of the Ring as it would be "investigated" by Michael Moore. It's raw, but pretty well done, and bitingly funny.

Highlights: in the peaceful and oil-rich land of Mordor, the sun does shine (contrary to the popular belief), and the peaceful Orcs are normal americans, like children in the playground, wearing Orcs' masks...
In another scene, Michael Moore interviews a series of Rohan women, until he finds one who questions the opportunity of the war. Then he keeps only that interview and cuts the rest.

Go watch it (you should have better than a 56k dial-up, tho).


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