November 11, 2004

Grieving for Evil 

Yasser Arafat has finally died. Not as martyr or as a fighter, but as sick old man in a hospital bed. Maybe of AIDS, contracted with the homosexual encounters he was rumored to be very fond of. Insulting people is not my specialty, but others are very good at it...

Just look at a non-PC biography of Arafat, and you will realize that he was a mean, hateful man. He added chapters of unknown brutality to the ugly book of terrorism:

Arafat's terrorists pioneered attacks on "soft" civilian targets, including multiple hijackings of airplanes; attacks on airports, such as Lod in Israel and Fiumincino in Rome, the murder of schoolchildren; and attacks on hotels and cruise ships. In 1972, Arafat's Black September murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics. In 1973, Palestinian terrorists took over the Saudi Embassy in Sudan, killing US Ambassador Cleo Noel and others. James J. Welsh, a US National Security Agency analyst from 1969 to 1974, has charged Arafat with complicity in these murders.

In 1974, PLO terrorists took over a school in the Northern Israeli town of Ma'alot, where they threw school children out of windows. All told 26 people, including 21 pupils were murdered. This did not prevent Arafat from subsequently addressing the UN General Assembly while holstering a gun. That same year, the Palestinian National Council adopted the "phased plan" which calls for the establishment of a Palestinian state on any territory evacuated by Israel as a base of operations for the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state.

Recognition of Israel and peace were never, ever his objectives:

Addressing a Bethlehem rally the same year, Arafat announced, "We have one word -- jihad, jihad, jihad. Whoever does not like it, can drink Dead Sea water..." When referring to the Oslo accords, he often compared himself to the Prophet Mohammad and Salah a- Din, a great Muslim military leader who defeated the Crusaders. Arafat often invoked the ten-year peace treaty with the tribe of Koreish, which Mohammad broke after two years, massacring the Koreish tribe. Arafat also often referenced Salah a-Din breaking a truce with the crusaders and defeating them. He also made Khaibar -- a Jewish tribe in the Arabian Peninsula annihilated by Mohammad -- into his own battle-cry. The West and the Israeli left completely ignored his hate speech.

He was a master of double speak, lies and propaganda. He put up the face of the oppressed innocent with the naive West, but in Arabic he preached jihad, martyrdom of children and the destruction of Israel. The list of evil deeds committed by his minions is awfully long, but almost no-one in the western mainstream media bothered to uncover it. Instead, they're all grieving and pouring sweet, compassionate words: the BBC is in it, Reuters too - they even try to paint Israel and the USA as the bad guys, accusing them of "shunning" Arafat.

Some contend that Arafat was clamped in a vice, between Israel on one side and the palestinian radicals on the other. That is only partly true for the last few years: for many years, Arafat and the PLO were the only real palestinian force, his authority and power were undisputed. But Arafat nurtured and fed the monster of Islamism and the cult of martyrdom, until the beast grew so big and strong that it become very difficult to keep it on a leash.

However, despite terror, death and the cultural poisoning of palestinian society, Arafat obtained nothing concrete for the Palestinians. 30 years into the fight, they still do not have a state, do not have an economy, they still live in a limbo of inept, weak palestinian authority and military israeli rule. It's an utter, stark failure by any sensible standard.

The contested territories may very well fall into instability and chaos, but the current situation was a dead-end anyway. Maybe from the chaos saner heads will emerge.

Arafat will be buried in Ramallah. The Palestinians quickly found the eart-moving machines and dump trucks to clear the ground from the rubble and wreckages that littered it. Now I wonder, why they did not clean up the mess before? It is vaguely possible that the israelis did not allow them, but is sounds like a weak explanation. I believe that rubble and wrecked cars had a good propaganda value, instead: they look a lot like war-zone, and the (staged) pictures of childred clinging to a doll amidst the rubble sell very good in the West.


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