November 15, 2004


The Great Regulators (aka Nanny State) are descending on the poor Britons with a fury resembling only barely the Marines in Fallujah.

The Scottish Executive decided for a ban on smoking in "enclosed public places", and similar measures are being discussed for the rest of Britain too. Actually, a ban on smoking would make some sense because passive smoke is indeed nocive. But what I don't like are some postions like "smoking did great damage to Scottish society" or the general atmosphere of a few enlightened men who can and should decide for the mass of ignorant peasants, who are so stupid and mean to appreciate something as evil as a cigarette!.
In many pubs in London, through a combination of layout and efficient ventilation, smokers can enjoy a cigarette and non-smokers can enjoy fresh air. I think that's the solution.

But the most idiotic decision fron the Nannies is the ban on junk food adverts on TV.
Yes, it's true. Worried by the growing level of childhood obesity, our Saint Saviours in the Government decided that if you just don't advertise them, children will stop to crave for sweets and chips. Makes sense, no? And their parents will be relieved from the overwhelming effort of really taking care of their children by giving them some, say, education and proper food. Don't worry, your Beloved Government will instead ban anything that can be even remotely dangerous!

And there is also a proposal for the labelling of foods: red light for fatty, salty sugary stuff; green for fruit and vegs and amber for things in between. Are we kidding or what? If someone's so ignorant and dumb not to know that chips are loaded with fat, and often salt, we should let Darwinian selection do its course. And what could be given a red light, also Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham) maybe? Don't you dare...

I'm getting tired of this stuff, of elites imposing their vision of Good Life to the "peasants".
Stop being our nannies, leave us alone. Let us take decisions, eventually make mistakes and pay for them.

Update 18/11: Both Tim Worstall and Stephen Bainbridge, at Tech Central Station, have no simpathy for the Nannies, either.


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