November 25, 2004

News: Earthquake in Italy 

At 23:59 CET (22:59 Z) of 24 November 2004, an earthquake of magnitude 5.2 and duration 25-30 sec hit Northern Italy, with epicenter near the Garda Lake. The quake was felt in a wide area, as south as Tuscany.
Damage to buildings is reported from areas near to the epicenter, while in Milan many people panicked and rushed out of buildings. A total of nine injured is reported. Civil protection, fire departments and other rescue services quickly reacted to the event and have the situation under control.

Almost all of Italy is subjected to a significant seismic risk and strong quakes caused catastrophic damage and serious casualties during the years. For this reason, new buildings are usually anti-seismic and many older ones have been reinforced. Also, rescue services train specifically to face seismic events.


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