November 23, 2004

Tuesday Hunk: Chuck norris 

Chuck Norris Posted by Hello

Here he comes, the cowboy with the black belt (Tae Kwon Do 8th Dan, among others), protagonist of cult action movies such as Lone Wolf McQuade, Missing in Action, Invasion USA. Probably this is his most powerful scene:

Series characters always have one archetypal scene. With Eastwood, it was the time he killed three men with one bullet. Lone Wolf McQuade has a classic. He's shot. They think he's dead. They bury him in his supercharged, customized pickup truck. He comes to. Pours a beer over his head. Floors the accelerator, and drives that mother right out of the grave. You get the idea.

He definitely was one of my childhood's heroes, and Chuck is still an admirable man, for his martial arts accomplishments if nothing else.


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