November 03, 2004


George Bush has a solid lead in both the electoral and popular vote of this election.

The Internet/Cable network C-SPAN has a detailed report of the results per state: at 11:06 GMT, 98% of precincts counted, this is the situation:

Bush 254 EV 51% 57,896,800 Votes

Kerry 252EV 48% 54,289,017

Others Negligible (~1%)

I think the situation is clear: Bush is going to win a second term, with an uncontestable majority. He's going to win because he demonstrated leadership and the willingness to wage war to the enemies of America, on their own turf. That's the main reason, not religious affiliations or social conservativism, and not even economy (that, however, is going well).
Yes, I am cheering. Not because I am a great fan of the man himself - although that "ride, shoot straight and speak the truth" Texan attitude has some charm. I think Bush is the man we need to continue the War on Radical Islam, it's that simple. He's one of the men Islamists most hate, and that must mean something...

And, it's priceless to see and hear the moonbats screeching and imploding.

Update 10/11 - I would have been equally glad for a Kerry victory, if Kerry showed the same determination in the War on Islamism. But Kerry got the endorsement of subjects like North Korea's dictator Kim Il Sung, Yasser Arafat, other assorted Islamists, almost Bin Laden himself. And also of France, that France that was warm and cozy with Saddam Hussein, and despite claims to the contrary, did not behave like an ally of the USA in the last few years. Kerry also has a record of voting against military expenses, and stated that eventual american military actions must be sort of approved by the rest of the world. Yes, he said that he will continue to hunt for Bin Laden, but even if he did it, Bin Laden is only a symptom of the Islamist disease. In short, I don't think that Kerry would have been a good wartime president.


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