November 08, 2004

What else 

I've been away for a weekend break in Devon, and while I was there, drinking real ales and eating traditional pub food, the world moves on - as always.

First, an idiot decided to kill himself parking his car on a level crossing, to be run over by a train... one of the London Paddington - Plymouth (in Devon) express trains. It ended with a derailed train, seven deaths and tens of injuries, massive rail traffic disruption and huge economic damage. If there is a divine judgement and afterlife, I hope his soul will be damned and cursed.

Second, what seems the final offensive on Fallujah just begun. This time, it seems that the Marines and Iraqi forces won't stop before winning decisively. As in the current american military doctrine, ground operations are supported by plenty of artillery and air raids. The Marines can also rely on a network of air and ground reconnaissance, targeting and fire control unmanned vehicles - all integrated by fast and realiable datalink with the units on the ground. In practice, almost every soldier can have a real-time complete vision of the battlefield: this is something that the jihadis can only dream of, and a definite tactical advantage. But in the end, it will again be, as it has always been, blood and sweat, and ferocious grunts on the ground that will win the battle, and take the casualties.

The moonbats in my college organized a rapid-response manifestation asking again for the withdrawal of the coalition troops. Their leaflets propagated the ill-founded (to say the least) rumor that up to now the Operation Iraqi Freedom caused 100 000 civilian casualties. In truth, that Lancet's paper is based on shoddy research, and it was published mostly for political reasons. Even the deeply anti-war Iraq Body Count group is very cautious about this paper.
But the most disgusting circumstance is when said "pacifists" pretend to be concerned abotu the casualties among Coalition soldiers. A few days ago, three soldiers of the british (Scottish) Black Watch Regiment were killed in a suicide attack - together with an Iraqi translator, and a few more were injured. Today, the leaflets for the anti-war (pro-Zarqawi?) march said "3 Black Watch soldiers dead. Get the troops out". This from the same lefties who, in the past, openly gloated about the US defeat in Vietnam - nevermind that a staggering number of vietnamese died in the process. Or are hoping with all of their heart that the rebels (no, insurgents in their vocabulary) in Iraq will defeat the US - nevermind that what the rebels have in their plans for Iraq is worse than Saddam's regime. And, in other occasions, they openly affirm that people joining the army can only be either too dumb or bloodthirsty to do anything else. Hypocrites.


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