December 12, 2004


Wow, I'm about to reach the mark 1 000 visits!

I know, other blogs total 1000 visits every day (not to mention the big ones like LGF, that stay in the range of 10 000), but hey, you have to start from somewhere, no?

Many of the visits are just pings from search engines - and I've got some weird referrals, like someone looking for "free new pissing pictures" from Lahore, Pakistan. Pissing is haram mate, I tell you. Another one from Italy: "donne+mussulmane+porno (mulsim+women+porn)". But I have some regular readers, besides my friends I pointed to my blog, I can see that from my referrals too.

Most of the visits, a 40% come from Europe (my friends, again) but I have quite a readership in America (North and South, but mostly USA) and a 10% of visits from the Far East, plus a few ones from basically any region between the UK and Japan.

Not so much feedback from my readers yet, but no hate mails neither other nastyness.
You can be quite sure that authors of eventual hate mails will be promptly exposed in public, and eventually I'll take further actions.

The 1000th reader will receive a totally worthless virtual prize, ahahaha...

And the winner is (19:10 UTC)... A visitor with IP 82.49.138.#, from Catania, Sicilia, Italy (Zibibbo perhaps?) who came straight to my front page. Thanks, greetings, congratulations, the whole lot!

Update 13/12/04: With a bit of self-congratulation and shameless promotion on LGF, I got 50-odd visits in less than 24 hours! Advertisement is indeed the core of business.


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