December 03, 2004

Friday Babe #5: Maggie Cheung 

Maggie Cheung Posted by Hello

Another lovely oriental gal this week: Maggie Cheung from Hong Kong. She starred together with Jackie Chan and in the recent Hero as well.


hey uh...just for some info, i just brisked thru ur blog and noticed that u had posted two pictures of maggie cheung more than a year ago. i just wana tell u that the two picts are not of the same actress.yes, they may possess similar traits, but they are actually different individuals. however, both of them are also actresses. the former would be maggie cheung man yeuk, the one in Hero while the latter is maggie cheung ho yee, a successful hongkong actress who rose to fame with tv serials.

just to let you know.no other intentions.


Thanks for pointing out the mistake; they look different indeed upon closer inspection.

I'll eventually post more pics as correction...

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