December 09, 2004

Looking Eastwards 

I'm looking increasingly towards the Far East - namely, China, Korea, Japan in the last few months. There are various reasons for this interest: one is that I like anime, from several years now, and that interest has fuelled some interest for Japan as a whole.
I also like Chinese food, and while it's a pretty superficial thing, it contributes too.

But the main reason is that I had a relationship with a Chinese woman. Now that relationship is over; it was a difficult one which went through short spans of euphoria and longer periods of gloom and sadness, and even fits of open hostility. The emotional scars from that relationship will take time to heal.

However, I am left with an almost maniacal attraction for Asian women. I know, the look of Chinese, Japanese, Korean is subtly but decidedly different, but there are many common traits, like dark slanted eyes (meaning no offense), black straight hair, a generally slim and well-proportioned body, smooth honey skin... Well, you get the idea.*

Much of the problems between me and my ex were caused, I think, by a cultural divide. I am a hot-blooded Italian, while she had all the calm and detachment (and even coldness) of a Confucian Chinese. So I'm looking, sometimes trepidantly, into Asian culture, trying to understand what are the differences, and how big they are. Internet and weblogs make this much easier and enjoyable than going around reading thick books.
One thing I found recently, is the Chinese concept of lie, and it's a bit unsettling... Especially when I realized that my ex applied her concept of lie in dealing with me. Eventually the truth surfaced, and that was not pretty.

Well, let's get back to my original intentions: presenting three new entries; one Simon World - the weblog of an Aussie living in Hong Kong (if you were expecting Rio de Janeiro, it means you did not pay attention!), a good blog about Asia. The second new entry is DenBeste's new project Chizumatic, a collection of anime reviews and other thoughts in a blog-like format. Third entry, Marc Miyake's Amaravati, a linguistics blog dedicating a lot of effort to Asian languages - he's also deeply against Noam Chomsky.

Right, you don't need to have a psychology degree to understand that I am looking for another Asian woman as a substitute for my ex... who'll live, will see.


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