December 20, 2004

The Reasons of a Disappearance 

I must admit, Steven DenBeste had quite a big influence also on my decision of starting a blog, and on my views of America and generally on the way to look at the world and consider problems. Yes, because SDB's reasoning was well-explained and almost unbreakable because based on ruthless logic and scientific method. Almost the only way to disagree with him is to have different axioms. And he also introduced me (and many others) to the military analysis of Clausewitz, to the world of Game Theory and a lot of other things that work surprisingly well in describing our reality.

But in July 2004, SDB decided to discontinue his blog USS Clueless. The reason he cited is the weariness brought by an enormous flow of nit-picking and pedantically critic e-mails from his readers, but I suspected there was something else. I may understand a temporary withdrawal for this reason, but not a permanent retirement.

Finally, on the blog Rishon Rishon we can read the real reason (together with the mailstorm, yes) for Steven's retirement. And it's sad and moving.

But he said he wants no pity neither platitudes, and I'll give none.
He did what he felt like doing, he wrote what he felt like writing. He was a good soldier of the word, and there's one word for the soldiers: Salute!

If you want to read something fitting - in my humble opinion - check out the book "Against the Odds" by Elizabeth Moon - it's about soldiers, and Absent Friends and accomplishment and failure.


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