December 14, 2004

What's a minority? 

My college has a student newspaper called Felix - as almost any colleges and universities have. A couple of weeks ago, it had an interesting story: Half of Imperial students to come from overseas.
It does not say exactly how many students are from overseas already, but my guess is that we're around 40%. And "overseas" in this case means anywhere but the EU, but mostly India and East Asia.

Some of this overseas students will be white, but the majority of them will be "coloured". Given that already a sizable fraction of Brits is coloured - mainly, Blacks, Indian/Pakistanis and Asians (some of my friends are of foreign or mixed origin, but culturally Brits), I would say that white Britons are the minority in this college. And besides these calculations, it's something I can see just strolling through the walkways and common rooms: the most common features I see are probably Asian ones (it's just a coincidence, I swear!).

So what's a minority? Not what the trumpeters of multiculturalism and "diversity" want us to believe, in this case.


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