January 08, 2005

From The Hills To London Town 

The title is a paraphrase from Manowar's Hail to England and I found it pretty fitting: I left my hills in the morning, and at night I was in my flat in London. During the trip I used my latin-lover charm dealing with a nice Japanese girl, and it worked!

On the serious side, Belmont Club and Silent Running (among several others) are angaged in a debate over what can be considered torture - and more to the point, what is admissible in order to extract important information from enemy prisoners. Because the core of the issue is that, if we are too nice with them, we will be damaged. And the sufference of some of them will avoid the sufference of eventually many of us.

This is also related to thoughts that are haunting my mind from some time: it's about the complexity of reality that pervades every aspect. Sytems are complex, human behaviour is inetricably complex... and there are acts posing difficult ethical questions.
I am wary of anyone, from left or right, trying to oversemplify reality, trying to give absolute answers to those ethical questions.


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