February 14, 2005

Born Biased 

From LGF, we have this nice story about CNN International, a lecture by Eason Jordan (ex CNN News Executive) himself:

Thank you very much for being here tonight. Let me also thank Fidel Castro. In the earliest days of CNN, when CNN was meant to be seen only in the United States, the enterprising Fidel Castro was pirating and watching CNN in Cuba. Fidel was intrigued by CNN. He wanted to meet the person responsible. So Ted Turner, who at that point had never traveled to a Communist country or knowingly met a Communist, [went to Havana]. It was big deal for Ted and during the discussions Castro suggested that CNN be made available to the entire world. In fact it was that seed, that idea that grew into CNN International, which is now seen in every country and territory on the planet.

[..] He feels so strongly about there being just one world and one race he has banned one word at CNN -- the F word: foreign. While Ted Turner and CNN recognize nations, Ted's view is the only true foreigners are people from other planets, at least until Ted Turner meets those people. So Ted Turner does not want the word "foreign" mentioned on CNN and has called on me to enforce a ban by fining guilty CNN staffers $100 per violation.

So, here we have, black on white from the mouth of the horse, the candid statement that CNN International is owned by a tranzist and inspired by one of the few last living communist dictators. Should we still suppose that CNN International is non-biased?
It would take a considerable effort in denying the evidence.


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