February 23, 2005

Filler: Weather & Miscellanea 

I'm too tired and busy with other things to continue the discussion of plastic recycling (or the depressive EU Constitution), so I'll fill in with some mundane stuff.

From a few days now the whole Britain is swept by northern winds bringing with them cold and snow. In London, we're having snow showers, and two nights ago about 1 cm of snow settled. That is a pathethic snowfall by any standards, but apparently it was enough to cause transportation problems in London, go figure. Anyway, more snow and temperatures barely above 0 C are forecast for tomorrow, 24 Feb.

Meanwhile, more south, the weather is no better: all of Italy is under heavy snowfall from three days, a situation that caused the temporary closure of airports and several roads and higways especially in the central regions.
In my area, the mounts south of Parma, the snowfall reached 100 cm (!) near the tops and 30 cm in the valleys. The situation will remain critical for another couple of days, and the Traffic Controllers of Bologna suggested to travel by car only in case of necessity.
In the south (Campania), the infamous highway A3 is plagued again by the snow, and also citizen protesting against the opening of a landfill site in the area. Campania had very difficult times recently with the disposal of its domestic garbage, because incinerators (and rubbish-fed power stations) and landfills have been seized and closed for a series of non-compliances with various regulations, and suspect criminal infiltrations in the management. I think that protesting against solutions to the problem is rather stupid. Especially, other regions will hardly accepts rubbish from Campania. In defense of the locals, however, it must be said that Campania had to endure for years clandestine dumping of any kind of waste, from urban to dangerous and toxic industrial waste.
One of the protestors camping nearby (or even on) the highway died last night, probably of hypothermia. I wonder if this story deserves to run for the Darwin Awards.

In other news, "Red" Ken Livingstone, the despicable Mayor of London, hardcore lefty and good friends of Islamists and jihadis (of course not great friend of Jews and Israel) is still refusing to apologize for a Jew-hating remark uttered a while ago against a Jew journalist.
Go on Red Ken, dig you grave, you've been on the political scene for far too long now.


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