February 14, 2005

They Are Among Us 

Again via LGF, another story, but considerably grimmer than the previous one. This comes from David, a British blogger who is also a teacher. What he has to say is not pleasant:

[...]The potential problem has arisen in teaching about Muhammad. The exam board requires that every time Muhammad is written, the letters "pbuh" in parentheses be placed after it. This is shorthand for "peace be upon him". The writer therefore prays a blessing upon him everytime his name is written, as is the custom of Muslims. So I have to tell my students (over and over if there is any hope of them remembering) that they must bless Muhammad every time they mention his name.

For most, if not all, of my students, this will be no problem. Few, if any, have any religious convictions whatsoever. It's not so bad that I have to tell them to do something that I would find reprehensible. However, I am expected to model what they should do to reinforce their learning. I will never pray a blessing upon Muhammad. To do so would be to repudiate my faith. It would imply I believe the Shahada (the Muslim declaration of faith) even if those hearing or reading it were unable to infer this.[...]
So, apparently this Exam Board, the OCR, is requiring kids, many of them absolutely unsuspecting, to adopt what is effectively a religious, ritual practice. I think this is inadmissible, not only for kids of different religious persuasion but also for agnostics/atheists/generic non-believers.

It is also a sign of Islam, creeping scarcely noticed and tolerated for a distorted form of tolerance, into our Western society. This is not happening accidentally or because many westerners are embracing Islam; no, it's the result of astute and deliberate plans of cultural colonization devised by the Islamists themselves*. And a result of the spineless bureocratic and political classes, blinded by political correctness and thus willing to sacrifice freedom, our best and distinctive value, on the altar of multi-culturalism.

* Not all Muslims are part of these cabals, but many are - even unknowingly.


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