March 20, 2005


Geez... yesterday I infiltrated the peace anti-American, anti-Istrael and pro-Jihadi manifestation in London to take pictures for a new reportage, but today Hello and Blogger are apparently playing up, so posting the pictures may reveal too difficult. It's really annoying.

For the time being, Wind Rider (of Silent Running) has a post on the most recent meme of the "anti-war" gang:

Here is the lie, the false claim -

100,000 Iraqis have died since the war in Iraq, mostly at the hands of Americans

Keep in mind, every time you see or hear this assertion put forth with
certainty, that you are seeing the perpetration of a lie. A boldface,
unsupported and unsupportable falsehood, generated from an ideologically driven and deeply flawed exercise pathetically labelled as a scientific survey,
conducted by strongly anti-war academics. Possibly, or more likely probably,
based on the evidence of the timing and conditions of the release, motivated by
a desire to influence the US elections process.
I wanted to write about the same story, but never found the time/inspiration. Wind Rider came in my rescue, finally!


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