March 11, 2005


Some more drive-by blogging, on a much lighter subject: Steven DenBeste, even if devoted mainly to anime, has not lost his vein:

Who in the hell invented the word heteronormative? I haven't seen such a preposterous linguistic construction since "postmodern". I used to make jokes about apologizing for being heterosexual, but I never figured I'd see the day
when someone who was heterosexual was publicly
because they refused to be ashamed of it.[...]

Myself, I'm appalled at Harvard's BGLTSA. Why are they discriminating against monosexuals? Isn't that also a legitimate lifestyle choice? And what have they got against the celibate? They should be the BGLTMCSA, by damn.
For that matter, why are they excluding heterosexuals? Don't heterosexuals deserve to have their lifestyle choice defended against assault by close-minded anti-heterosexual bigots? Err, umm...[...]

Nothing deflates the pompous like a good horselaugh. What America's universities really need is to send a lot of these students to desensitivity training. Everyone in Harvard's BGLTSA needs to grow a thicker skin. (They'll need it once they leave the womb.)

And they need to watch more anime, so they can learn about what life is like outside the ivory tower. Sure, anime ain't realistic, but mechas and magical girls are more like real life than what they're living.

Yes, man. Political correctness is a scourge. And a horrible one: no humor, no common sense, no masculinity or femininity - you always have to watch your mouth in fear of "offending" some idiot. Belch.


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