March 04, 2005

London Weather Report 

The METAR for London Heathrow airport says:

EGLL 040920Z 21010KT 190V250 5000 -SN SCT006 BKN008 OVC014 00/M01 Q1012 RESN

This means, at 09:20 GMT the observation was:
Wind from South/Southwest (variable from South to West/Southwest) at 10kt (ca. 18 km/h); visibility 5000 m; light snow; scattered clouds at 180 m, broken at 240 m and overcast at 430 m; temperature 0 C and dew point -1 C (corresponding to 93% humidity); pressure 1012 hPa; recent precipitation Snow. (See also here for a more comprehensive explanation)

From my building, I can see light snow and a weil of settled snow covering the ground, except from the roads and areas where grit had been spread. I'm a bit concerned right now, because even a couple of centimeters of settled snow on the roads will cause massive traffic disruption in London. Well, it's a Friday so I won't need to go home before 21 or 22, but still... Developing.

Update 06/03: Booh! The snow stopped a few minutes after I wrote the piece above, when barely 1 cm settled down - and it melted by noon. Booh.


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