March 01, 2005

Operation Body Snatcher 1 

Tipped off by this IMRA communicate - and someone at LGF who pointed at it - I decided to take my digital camera; brave a cold, damp and sleety London morning and go to Westminster to take some pictures of the... anti-peace protest. I asked a bobby if it was OK to take pictures, but after a while he and his colleague thought that I was suspect, so they asked me if I had a press pass. "I'm a blogger", I said. "A freelance, then" "Sort of... indipendent". I was briefly searched and questioned under the Anti-Terrorism Act, but soon released when the search showed nothing out of the norm. So much for being honest and upfront from the beginning.

However, I took quite a few pictures of the manifestation - which did not attract a sizable number of people, at least until 10:30. I would say they were barely 200, and 95% visibly Arabs and Muslims.

On my way - notice the cleanliness of the bus floor...

The few women were alla dressed with islamic garbs,
stood well apart and never spoke to the men

The manifestation in all its "sheer" size

A Khilafah does not sound like something particularly friendly

What did Abbas do to deserve this?
Maybe a few concrete steps towards peace

A Western Moonbat
Not many were present

Another Western Moonbat.
The sign reads "Against the United States of Israel"

Enough for Part One, folks. Part Two will follow soon.


what is khalifah? I can guess it's something I wouldn't like!

"Khalifa" means the Islamic Caliphate that used to,[and the jihadis hope will] rule the Muslim world.

Nice job Fabio.

Next time I dare you to bring a shofar and blow it really loud...



I knew about Khalifah, but apparently Khilafah is an alternative translitteration. Nothing nice anyway.

hmmm. i hope they're enjoying their right to free assembly.

Great job, Fabio! You are Fabiozombie, super-reporter!
You're right about the bus floor, too. Very clean.



Nice job. I don't think these idiots know what they would be in for under a Khalifah.



Outstanding work, Fabio! E quanto faceva schivo quel autobus! Amazza, oh! :)

Arabic uses vowel changes within words to change parts of speech, in much the same way that English uses prefixes and suffixes.

Khalifah = Caliph
Khilafah = Caliphate

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