March 20, 2005

Operation Spring Force 

Update 22/03/05: Ripway offers a pitiful download bandwidth, and as a result the images are more often invisible than not. This post is thus being republished using Hello.

On a sunny and incredibly warm March afternoon, I headed to Marble Arch to document the gathering of moonbats and other similar species that was planned for Saturday 19. I arrived a bit late, when the show alredy left the gathering point, but I caught some traces of moonbat's presence - droppings, one may say.

Never enough to the left

The Rubbish Lorry of History

Want to do something illegal? Just make up a right!

Our friends the radical Muslims

More remains

Support the head choppers! And what "communities"??

At this point, I thought it was too late to document the moonbats' behaviour, so I went into Hyde Park to read a book in the sun and look at the landscape.

The Landscape

But I just begun reading my book, that I heard chants coming from Park Lane: it was, unmistakably, the moonbat's cry! So I headed over there, and found the manifestation. And the rest of the story will follow soon.


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