March 12, 2005

Saturday Night Blogging 

For tonight, I decided to stay in: during the day, I spent an awful lot of money for a couple of oriental bonsai pots (bonsai is another of my hobbies) and a special Japanese cutting tool, which costs a pound of flesh and blood - VAT excluded. Then I also bought an 80 GB external USB hard disk, because my laptop - which I'm using at this very moment - is showing worrysome symptoms, and a backup is desperately in order. And... fuck it, the bitches in the flat upstairs turned on their cursed stereo at a fucking party volume, so I think I'll head to the local boozer. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, remember.

Sun 13/03: Ok, I went to my usual heavy metal pub (early Metallica is soft, in there) and when I got home at around midnight all was quiet. But then my sleep was severely disrupted by scary dreams of the Coming of the Antichrist, or something awful like that. Geez, what a night.


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