March 09, 2005

Sgrena Roundup 

The story of the incident involving Giuliana Sgrena and which caused the death of Nicola Calipari had a wide resonance in the blogosphere - both on the right and left side.

But new details about the story are emerging almost daily, and in the wait for new info, rumor mills tend to rotate at full speed.
Thus, I won't wrote about this subject for a little while, until at least some hard facts will finally be known. In the meantime, watch for yourself the pics of the car that was involved in the incident (this time, it really seems to be the right one).

Now I think that the American patrol fired a few dozen rounds, most of those warning shots. Then, a burst - a dozen bullets or so (either aimed or not) hit the car, smashing the windows and killing Calipari.
My theory of the spent casings was, as I actually expected, short-lived: now it appears that what Sgrena could pick up in handfuls were glass fragments from the shattered windows.
(and this begs the question, what kind of drug will make you mistake glass fragments for bullets? We could ask Hunter Thompson, if he were still alive... Or is Leftism so mind-altering?).


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