April 28, 2005

Assorted Annoyances 

This morning I thought of a post about explosives, and it's almost all ready in my mind; I just have to write it down (for you readers avid of prohibited knowledge).

But I can't make it today, probably: I have to do quite a lot of things for my research work - today it was replacing the stem seals of a high-pressure valve, among other things.

But the whole day was perturbed by strange facts: this morning I took the bus, and at a certain point and elderly black lady started accusing me of being involved in witchcraft (I cannot really tell on what basis). The whole thing was so surreal that I did not know what to answer, and it's not my habit to be rude to people who are only a bit annoying. At least, she dropped the matter in a little while.

Then, the bus called at a stop in front of some ten bobbies and three or four London Buses fare inspectors, who checked a few people on the bus, made them deboard and talk to the police. I'm not sure, but it is possible the driver was fined for not checking the tickets properly or something like that.

I also have a cold, not terrible but less than comfortable. However, what is really giving me hell is a pulled muscle: my right gluteus (aka asscheek - I pulled it at karate last Tuesday). It's true that you do not know how important are certain things until they cease working: I never paid so much attention to the role of the gluteus muscle(s), but now I realize it's involved in almost all movements of the upper leg. In practice, it hurts everytime I move. Going up and down steps is a torture, and I should just stay in bed. The problem is that I cannot really afford to stay at complete rest. Dammit.


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