April 25, 2005

A Call To Action 

The vile and anti-Israel play My Name Is Rachel Corrie is now playing at the Royal Court Jerwood Theatre, London and it will play until April 30.

There is not much time left, but inspired by Charles Johnson, I call all decent Londoners to meet and protest this vileness.

Those interested, please drop me a mail.

Update 29/04 1305Z: Ok folks, it's Friday afternoon and I got no responses to my Call to Action. So the whole thing is busted, I won't go protesting by myself.



I was wondering what ever happened with your effort to organize a protest in London. Sorry to hear no one at all called or contacted you - I would have done so had I been in the area. I think it just means there are not many LGF readers in London who saw your posts. In any case, it was a commendable effort.


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