April 20, 2005

Habemus Papam 

The new Pope was elected yesterday (coincidentially, while I was going to see Morbid Angel's gig, eh!): Cardinal Ratzinger, who took the name of Benedict XVI.

I think that these are worthy news, because the Pope still has some influence on the global scene and represents a moral authority for the Roman Catholics, but in some way also for other Christians. This Pope is known for being othodox and conservative, and I think that in this age, when too many think that Christianity should become more liberal, "diverse" and "inclusive", someone drawing lines is required. Yes, I still disagree with quite few of the Church's positions, but asking them to change their mind just because everybody else is more liberal, or it's time to cease being "confrontational" is foolish in my opinion.
Moreover, Benedict XVI is well aware of the problems posed by the Islamic immigration in Europe and especially of the Islamo-fascist threat, so that's quite a reason to like him, at least as an ally.

A lot of people are also harping about his brief past in the Hitler Youth and German Army during WWII. Come on people, give it a cut: it's quite ridiculous to talk about the "moral cowardice" of a 14-year-old boy in such a situation - when refusing to do certain things was very dangerous.

However, Benedict XVI won't be Pope for long: he's already 77 or 78, so I can foresee a term of about 10 years, no more.

Only time will tell, about everything.


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