April 21, 2005

Not Friends, Almost Enemies 

If you followed my blog, you'd know I do not have a very high opinion of France, especially of her foreign policy. I'm too lazy right now to round up links, but it's well known that France sided with a long string of thugs and other bad guys, the last examples being Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat. Now France offered her support to China, too, saying in the person of the premier Raffarin that China's anti-secession (of Taiwan) law "is completely compatible with the position of France". And there you go.

One wonders, does that law have UN legitimation? Is it "multilateral"? Is it "nuanced" and "non-imperialist"? You know, apparently France stood for all these things, when it was useful to oppose the USA.

It's time to stop pretending France is a friend or even an ally of the USA. France is a first-level enemy of the USA nowadays. And no friend of the rest of Europe, I would say: the intentions of the French leadership are to make the EU a sort of Grand France, in which the leadership is by default French (eventually shared with Germany) and the foreign policy is to do anything, even the most despicable things, to oppose the USA at every corner. Because they want to become a superpower again.

I'm all for the defense of European interests, but this is not exactly what I have in mind - this is the interest of France, not of the EU or Italy.
I also think that a minimum of ethics should be applied even in foreign policy (it depends from case to case, tho) and backing China against what are legitimate Taiwanese requests is not very ethical.


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