April 03, 2005

One Pope Dies, Another Is Made 

No, I don't want to make fun of the death of Johan Paul II - the title is the translation of an Italian saying that is used to mean that things always go on, and however important, single persons can be replaced - more or less.

I never hid the fact that I am strongly a non-believer, but I came to respect the Pope: in the 80's, he was one of the towering figures in the struggle against Communism, together with Ronald Reagan, Margaret Tatcher and Lech Walesa; he did much for his homeland Poland and the people of the then Soviet block at large.

Also, Johan Paul stood firm and fast at helm until he died, unflinching in his beliefs even when weakened and ill. He even refused to go to hospital for his last hours, and faced death with the serenity of a true Christian believer.

I disagree with the position of the Catholic Church on some issues, and I think that the Pope has been rather soft about Islamism in recent times (maybe because weakened even in his spirit by the Parkinson disease), but he did so following the principles of peace and love that Jesus set forth.

I can sincerely say, Rest In Peace Johan Paul II.

Of course, bloggers did not miss this event: check Wretchard, Silent Running, Mystery Achievement et al.

Update: The downside of this story is that, not only on Italian TV, the least three days have been "All Pope, all time". When breaking news where exhausted, journalist put toghether retrospectives and biographies, but often thing ended up in mindless blabbering and such. I think this is the "media circus", and it's something I definitely do not like.

Update 4/04/05: How could I miss Donald Sensing's commentary on the Pope's death?
He has interesting things to say, plus mure news and thoughts about Iraq.


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