May 18, 2005

Another Quick Update 

Still mired down in work, particularly in the inceredibly tedious task of fighting gas leaks from my system. It's truly unnerving, I tell you. The worst thing is that sometimes I notice a pressure drop (small, but I work on the edge of kPa) and I'm not sure wheter it's caused by a leak, or a temperature variation, or the lunar phase or what.

Also, my laptop's hard disk has serious problems - it may be its death throes - and I sprained my ankle at karate yesterday.

I'd like to write some more about "green" and insensitive explosives, but that will have to wait a bit more.

Update to the quick update: When blogging degenerates. See the pictures and read the story of a disturbing scientific experiments demonstrating how Newsweek is full of crap - plus horrific details about someone in Australia.


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