May 28, 2005

Depressive State 

Today I'm not in a particularly bright mood (it happens, when your idiotic neighbours make one hell of a racket till late at night) and a read to some of my favourite blogs and news sources is not helping - together with facts of my real life.

It's all about regulations, nannism, and how these insane tendencies are reducing our life to a larval stage, suffocating creativity and freedom on a personal scale; flexibility and efficiency on the economic one.

For example, my and my colleagues will have to perform an electrical earth & insulation test on our office equipment - computers and such. Now, I can read the label on a printer: it already has the CE mark; complies with FCC regulations and a couple national standards more. And we have to test them again?? Call it a waste of time & paper.

Yesterday I also went to the department's stores to ask whether it is possible to trade in old, broken gas pressure regulators (those devices you have to connect to a gas cylinder in order to have the gas flow at the required pressure). The response was that no, new regulations are so strict that no company repairs regulators anymore. Common sense 0 - Nannies 2.

Not to mention what a poor pub landlord has to do in order to renew the licence:
Representatives of pub landlords complained of the complexity of the application forms, which they said require a total of 207 pages to be sent to eight separate authorities, rather than a single side of A4, as at present.

I guess Franz Kafka couldn't conceive something like that even in his worst nightmares.

Also, today I read The Smallest Minority, and what do I find? Yet another failure of England's criminal law and a glaring case of terminal idiocy. But it's all to save the children, you know.

And to top it all, Amritas reports about egalitarianism gone mad.

Shees folks, sometimes I'd like to go to some place like Colombia, where men are still Men, where issues are resolved with knifefights and such. You can find any kind of shortcomings in that way of life, but what's good in a world of enforced equality and regulations for any conceivable object, activity or situation? And where people are effectively stripped of the means and almost the right of self-defense?

At least, Italy is way behind England on this road. Not that there is no bureocracy over there, but Italians are unequalled masters in getting around, finding short cuts, staying under the radar... you get the idea.


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