May 15, 2005

I am diverse, You are diverse - etc 

Today from the bus I noticed an advertisement billboard for London's Metropolitan Police which was totally based on the concepts of "diversity": different life experiences, all the communities, and in the words in the background you could read "lesbian", "muslim" an many more.

One question is, shouldn't police be chosen on the basis of their capibilities for that kind of work?

But the real thing about that billboard is that it's clearly a product of the omnipresent Cult of Diversity. They (postmodernists, multiculturalists, tranzists & co, and even normal folks who fell in that trap) say that everything diverse is good, and you must love it just because it's diverse, and ask no questions, you ignorant racist troglodite!

Now, I enjoy some diversity - especially regarding food. I also enjoy to meet people from different places (East Asian girls particularly) and from different cultures. And, I reserve the right to dislike and even despise any meme I find unpalatable. Also, I think that cultural purity amounts to inbreeding, while mixing will bring about evolution.

But I think this kind of diversity (I despise this word, but I can't find a better term at the moment) is the natural and welcome side effect of a free and open society, where everyone has the same rights and is equal in front of the law*. Where people can come and go, do business, and most importantly freely express their ideas and opinions. Make a free and just society, and diversity will appear spontaneously.

The worshipper of Diversity, instead, see diversity as an objective in itself. They don't really care about liberty or justice, or individual rights. They only want Diversity to triumph and reign. And even less they care about such trivial things like effectiveness and efficiency. Your police force is ineffective because inane recruitment policies filled it with people not properly qualified for the job? Who cares, at least it's Diverse!

This also brings towards the fragmentation of society in communities separated along racial, ethnical or linguistical lines - all because it would be terrible, so un-diverse, if Little Coloured People were to have the same culture of the Evil White Men (I have to give some credit to Amritas for this kind of rants).

And so on we go, with "diverse" recruitment programs, affirmative action, ethnic quotas, proportional representantion and so on. And each time, some liberty goes down the drain, and the roots of our society are even more deeply buried under a pile of nonsense.

It seems impossible to stop this descent into the sewers without a complete reset, a revolution to sandblast all the layers of dried guano off the stone at the core, that has Liberty engraved onto it.

* I know that even such a society is a kind of utopy. It's just the one closest to be feasible, and the one that will give the best results.


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