May 06, 2005

Manly Things 

Quite a while ago Kim Du Toit wrote 20 Things A Man Should Do. Even if it's a bit late, I'm up to the challenge:

1. Shoot a gun larger than a .22.
It's pretty hard to have firearms fun in Europe, but I shot a hunting rifle.

2. Teach a kid to shoot.
I have no kids, and consider #1.

3. Cook a meal out in the open (and I don’t mean a backyard BBQ).
Done, somewhat. But it was kinda like a BBQ.

4. Kill an animal which can kill you.
I killed a couple of mildly poisonous snakes

5. Taste a good brandy (no French cognacs need apply) and a fine single malt Scotch.
Done. I'd add to the list a fine aged Italiana grappa.

6. Visit at least eight countries outside your own continent, none of which speak your home language. I plan do do it.

7. Read any six Shakespeare plays.
Not done.

8. Win a solo sporting competition—anything that involves physical exercise.
Done, but I have to admit I'm not a very competitive guy.

9. Be part of a winning sports team.
Done. And winning is a good sensation.

10. Make love with a woman in a forbidden place.
I think the definition of forbidden place is pretty relative, but done.

11. Have a strange woman invite you home with her; and refuse her, because you’re married. I'm not married.

12. Build something tangible—out of wood, steel, brick, whatever.
Done, many times. And at the end usually I spend some time to gaze at the product of my work.

13. Sit up all night comforting a sick child.
Maybe I'll do it.

14. Tell the truth, where a lie would both be undiscoverable, and keep you out of trouble.

15. Watch at least one real virtuoso play a musical instrument—in any kind of music. (I’ve seen Eric Clapton, Itzhak Perlman, and Stephane Grappelli perform, and watched both Solti and Barenboim conduct the Chicago Symphony. Pretty humbling.)
Probably I've never watched a virtuoso of such caliber performing, but I've seen pretty impressive musicians.

16. Perform on stage (music, theater, whatever), to a large (500+) audience.
I performed on stage, but I don't think the audience was >500. Not sure tho.

17. Play at least one musical instrument competently.
I tried, but I have absolutely zero musical talent.

18. Make love to a woman at least ten years older than you are.

19. Tell a government bureaucrat to fuck off.
Almost done...

20. And finally: tell a true story to your grandchildren.
If I'll have grandchildren, I will.


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