May 22, 2005

Mr Despicable 

George Galloway is a man I truly despise. He's a raving moonbat, a leftover communist, cozy with Saddam Hussein and his goons, but arrogant with Israel and whoever will not chop off his head if insulted.

First (well, not first, but let's just keep to recent events) we had his performance in front of the US Senate, where he hammered on the long-discredited story of the 100 000 Iraqi victims. And then, he textually defined the committee as "pro-Israel and neo-con".

Then I saw him on BBC, during a debate on the energy policy of Scotland* (Scotland has its own parliament and quite a lot of autonomy). Galloway gave almost no contribution to an intelligent debate of the issue at hand, bu uttered a lot of anti-American points: "They use 25% of world's resources; They drive stretch Humvees" etc.
Funny, the only stretch Humvees I've ever seen are in London. And I don't think that any significant fraction of Americans owns something like that. Then Galloway hinted to a shadowy conspiration between "nuclear industry" and British politicians, and ended up slamming Margaret Tatcher for the closure of coal mines - funny how even the hated coal (ok, it's from New Zealand, but they're brothers in ideology, I tell you) becomes useful ammo to slam conservatives.

That's the mark of the fanatic, of the raving moonbat. Punctuating each and every statement with anti-americanism, anti-Israel remarks (which are about 1 mm away from being anti-semitic) and conspirational talking points. I really fail to see how anyone without the same background can pay any heed to Galloway's rants.

But apparently all that was not enough, so he also stated that he will make the Palestinian flag fly from his Council's house - and on May 21th Galloway came out (of the closet?) and openly called for the boycott and political isolation of Israel during a rally of idiotarians and Islamists where also the destruction of Israel was called for (yes, in a figurate manner they say. Sure...).

If this isn't a hideous and despicable man, I don't know who is.

Update 23/05: Cristopher Hitchens has an even lower opinion of Galloway than me. And many more damning facts about this communist dictator wannabe.

* The debate itself was rather moronic: it presented the two alternatives of wind power and nuclear power as perfectly equivalent as means to generate all the electricity Scotland needs. But then the enviro-folks (and Galloway too) concluded that we have to change our lifestyle - probably going back to a pre-industrial world, eh? If you want to return to a lonely, shurt and brutish life, count me out.

All our lifestyle and wealth, health and cozy life are the results of scale and network economy. It's a wide subject, but you can't have, for example, modern healthcare without plenty of electricity and chemical industry and electronic - the R&D, production and distribution cycles are too deeply interconnected to have one thing without the others.


What kind of Dhimmi leftist idiots at Bethnal Green and Bow elected this guy? His future has two paths. One, a prison cell for his oil for food scam.

THE Charity Commission has warned that it may ask the police to investigate if it receives evidence from the United States Senate to suggest criminal activity in connection with the Mariam Appeal founded by George Galloway and the Jordanian businessman Fawaz Zureikat.

Or a speaking tour for the LLL.

A lecture deal offered to George Galloway could see the MP speaking in US Ivy League universities including Harvard, Princeton and Yale.


It was some Lefty idiots, but mainly Islamists who voted for Galloway. While the former often are just stupid, the latter are almost invariably evil.

Not bad for an anti-capitalist to make big bucks with a speking tour, also.


Above, read "speaking" tour.
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