May 20, 2005

Request Of Assistance 

If someone of my readers is familiar with MiTAC notebooks, I have a request for assistance.

My notebook, a 7521T in basic configuration, ceased to function. When I press the On/Off button, often it does not start - the power light turns green and the HDD revs up, but the screen remains black. After a few tentives it may start, but usually it freezes suddenly shortly afterwards.

The computer's battery does not hold the charge anymore, but I fail to see how this fact may be related to the problems I'm experiencing even using AC power.

I tried to reinstall Win2k Pro, but the installation program returned a "Disk error on unit C:", and anyway after completing the first phase of the installation the computer freezes making further advancement impossible. I have my HDD partitioned in two 10GB partitions, and I may install Windows in the D: unit, but I want to be sure there are no other problems before going that way, or it'd be wasted time.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Update 21/05: I'm writing this from the notebook mentioned above, which came suddenly back to life. I managed to reinstall Win2k, and so far everything looks fine.


It's either the motherboard or the hard drive; the screen staying black and the fact that it's inconsistent says motherboard, but the disk error sounds like hard drive. The bad news is that either of these problems probably means the machine's toast.

Sounds like hard disk failure to me. Is the disk making any funny repetitive grinding noises?

If the disk is suffering from mechanical failure then trying to intall on the D: Partition probably won't help. (esp if it is a drive head)

Do you need to salvage any files?

If not, I would suggest getting a new hard drive (they are not too expensive). If you do need to salvage files, be prepared to spend lots of money. A colleague just spent £1300+VAT to salvage a laptop drive with mechanical failure. Ouch.


I backed up all my important files on an external USB HDD a while ago, when my notebook started to manifest worrying symptoms.

A new drive wouldn't be so expensive, but I'm afraid a toasted motherboard means trouble. Also MiTAC service is less than stellar here, and It'll be August before I can go to Italy and eventually see the retailer.


I fear I too think it's most likely motherboard, and at the very least you'd need to replace that.

It should be easy to test if its the drive or the board. Most systems have some way to go right to the BIOS and run diagnostics. Hopefully your manual has information on what keys to hit but its often like F2 or F12 and you should be able to start your system and hit one of these keys and go to BIOS and maybe try booting from CD ROM or with your boot disk and see what happens.
There are also a ton of Hard Drive Diagnostic programs out there and I suspect that MiTac has something or someone has something out there you can use and you can (if you can get into BIOS and change your Boot drive from Hard Drive to CD ROM) be able to down load a system Diagnostic tool and burn it a CD ROM and use that to check your system. Of course if you can not get into your BIOS either that would make me think system board or perhaps Memory.

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