May 22, 2005

Some Things 

Sunday afternoon, after a big night out with excessive drinking seems a good time for some rounding up (funny, because I bought a spray bottle of the herbicide Roundup to kill the weeds growing in the cracks of the pavement around my house).

First, let's add a couple of blogs that have mine linked: The Tone-Deaf Mushroom and Llano Estacado.

Around the Blogosphere we have Silent Running that finally got over the toilet infatuation, and now features... chicks! At The Daily Brief Sgt. Mom writes about the epic adventures of the American Pioneers - a recommended read. Cold Fury's Mike reports of midgets and lions - only to realize it was a hoax! Better off like that for the midgets, surely. Wretchard continues his analysis of the situation of the media. And finally, Steven DenBeste is falling for the Asian beauty (shame he doesn't have links to single entries - you'll have to scroll down to 20050521). Welcome to the club mate... when one starts to appreciate anime etc. it's only a matter of time before getting infatuated for Japanese girls too.

Anime is entering the mainstream culture in Britain too (it already did in Italy, curiously - one day I should write about that): now Garnier has a hairgel called Manga Head, which promises spiky manga hairstyles. You can even enter a competition to win a trip to Tokyo, on their website.

Speaking of Japan and Roundup, I just stumbled across this article about a Japanese import far less appreciated: the Japanese Knotweed. I have it in my garden, and it's a real bitch - on the same scale as the blackberry plant, but with no berries.

Update 23/05: DenBeste responds that he's been infatuated with Oriental women for a long time. It doesn't come as surprise... he's a founder of the club instead of a simple member!


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