May 27, 2005

Sparse Thoughts 2 

What's wrong with fantasy authors? They are totally obsessed with trilogies. When I see at the library a fantasy book that seems worth borrowing, the fine print reveals that it's "part X of the Godknowswhat trilogy". Not to mention that often the three volumes are published one year from the other, argh... I'm still waiting for the latest Terry Brooks - ok, I know the good guys will win, but I hate to leave a story halfway. Not to mention the Book 3 of Fool's Gold, which I repute to be a very entertaining saga.

I understand that it was Master Tolkien himself to begin with a trilogy, but it doesn't mean that any other author must follow the same path! Stephen King in fact did not follow, and his epic saga The Dark Tower comprises of seven books...

It's a sweltering hot day here in London: partly cloudy sky, 29 C and 45% humidity at Heathrow. Girls are wearing thin and skimpy clothes, argh...

Last night, on the bus there were two Japanese girls, and I was so brash to tell them that I like the sound of Japanese language - and that's true especially when ladies are speaking.
But what really captured me is that one of the girls had a voice similar to Atsuko Tanaka, tha actress who gave voice to Major Kusanagi in Ghost In The Shell - and a lot of other characters in other series. A really sexy voice, I tell you.

And to end this gallery of incoherent tripe, meatballs! In Britain and the USA, they're regarded as a typical Italian dish, but I dissent. Not that my mum never makes meatballs, or that they're unknown in Italy proper - only, Italians don't eat them so often. And meatballs are usually a way to recycle leftover meat, especially (in my household) the boiled meat used for stock. I suspect that for some reason meatballs became very popular (overrepresented?) among Italian emigrants in the USA and other countries, and this led to the belief that meatballs are a typical Italian dish.

Ok, now I'm off to the exciting job of cleaning a 0.25 mm sieve - because I have to sieve a ground catalyst with it. A standard, off-the-shelf coffee grinder was used to grind the catalyst granules, by the way.


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